Girton Musical Theatre (formerly Girton Operatic)

2019: The Gondoliers

( or The King of Barataria )

The long suffering Venetian Ladies,Tessa and Gianetta, have been waiting for Giuseppe and Marco to pop the question for AGES. Just when everything falls into place and it looks like the happy couples will live happily ever after, a sinister man appears and puts several spokes in the wheel. One spoke involves a very pretty Spanish Princess and the other presents the unlikely possibility that one of them has inherited the crown of a foreign power, based on an island across the sea. Moral dilemmas indeed! Will our gallant gondolieri forsake their new brides? Will they renounce their republican principles and become despotic monarchs? Are the marriages over before they have begun? Or will there be a very simple solution to all their problems and there will be a happy ending after all and the not quite so newlyweds resume their (hopefully) idyllic lives back on the canals of Venice?