Girton Musical Theatre (formerly Girton Operatic)

2018: The Merry Widow

In the Pontevedrian Embassy in Paris, the ambassador and his wife are throwing their annual party and all of High Society is there. Even the recently widowed Madame Glavari, who is not only young and beautiful, but VERY rich and so, very desirable. Unfortunately, the only person who is not interested in her, is her ex-fiancé, Count Danilo Danilovistch, who was desperately in love with her but prevented from marrying her by the Pontevedrian class system.

Meanwhile Valencienne, the ambassador's wife, seeks excitement in the arms of the dashing French Count de Rosillon. The Count is a possible suitor for Madame Glavari, but all her money will pass to France if she marries him. This is a tricky situation for the embassy staff, but with the help of an invaluable diplomatic personal assistant, some ladies of unusual dancing skills and a surprise guest 'Professional' dancer, there is a divorce, a reconciliation and a surprisingly happy ending.