Girton Musical Theatre (formerly Girton Operatic)

Poster for Ida
Princess Ida, 2012

or Castle Adamant!

Men dressed as women! Women dressed as men! Fighting, romance, a beautiful princess, a daring rescue and an enormous telescope; what more could you want from a show about the merits of educating women? Gilbert and Sullivan’s Princess Ida follows Prince Hilarion and his intrepid friends as they negotiate the horrors of that most hostile environment, a women’s college. Their task – to persuade Princess Ida that being Hilarion’s wife is a better option than avoiding men for ever – is made more difficult by the fact that any man found in the college is instantly condemned to death, even if he does happen to be a prince and rather good-looking... Add the princess’s three warlike but suspiciously feminine brothers, a flock of more or less learned ladies and an extremely small army (defence cuts are hitting hard even in fiction) and the stage is set for an enjoyable evening of musical mayhem.