Girton Musical Theatre (formerly Girton Operatic)

The Sorcerer
Alexis, Sir M and Dr D

The Sorcerer

February 25th to 27th 2016.

Imagine a summer afternoon in a typical Cambridgeshire village, complete with recreation ground, where celebrations are being prepared.

One very happy, young couple are throwing a party to celebrate their betrothal and the whole village is invited. As part of the festivities, a Bake Off is being held with prizes for the most accomplished baker. But in a fit of misplaced bonhomie, the prospective groom thinks of a plan to make everybody in the village as happy romantically as he is. He enlists the help of a London Sorcerer, who uses a magic philtre to make all the unmarried people of the village fall in love and live happily ever after. Just like real life. What could go wrong?

Surprisingly, quite a lot of things do, including the Bake Off.

Are events resolved satisfactorily? Who wins the Bake Off? Is it fixed? Does the vicar find his heart's desire? Does everyone live happily ever after, like in real life?