Girton Musical Theatre (formerly Girton Operatic)

2013: HMS Pinafore and Trial by Jury

Prepare for an evening (or afternoon) of sailors, scandal and shenanigans as Girton Operatic offers two Gilbert and Sullivan shows for the price of one! We invite you to watch the crew of HMS Pinafore, inexplicably lying at anchor in a school hall several miles from the sea, as they scrub the decks, salute their excellent captain and take a little time out to perform Trial by Jury with the help of Sir Joseph Porter and his many female relatives. Will the handsome but poor Ralph Rackstraw manage to win the heart of the beautiful Josephine, or will she decide that love doesn’t conquer her distaste for living in a hovel? Will Sir Joseph ever get rid of his troupe of sisters, cousins and aunts? Will the unfortunately named Dick Deadeye manage to spoil everything? And why would anyone be called Little Buttercup?