Girton Musical Theatre (formerly Girton Operatic)

Yeomen of the Guard 2022
dress rehearsal

2022 Show: The Yeomen of the Guard

October 27th to 29th 2022.

Girton Glebe School Hall, Cambridge Road, Girton CB3 0PN

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We are stepping back in time to around 1540. King Henry is no longer the fun-loving prince and Defender of The Faith. He has morphed into an unhealthy, bloated tyrant, suspicious of all but his closest friends and even their positions are somewhat precarious.

It is in this climate, the curtain rises in the Tower of London: not just a fortress and palace but, by now, a place of fear and dread. No one wants to be invited to stay there at Henry’s pleasure. There has been a fire in the Beauchamp Tower and there is clearing up to do because an important event is about to take place – an execution! Usually this would be a cause of excitement – something to look forward to, but the prisoner, Fairfax, who is about to lose his head is not guilty of any crime. He is a war hero, popular with The People, and the victim of jealousy and envy, so the Wardens of The Tower are not looking forward to executing their duty – or Fairfax!

Enter Phoebe, who has fallen in love with the condemned man and would do anything to help him gain his freedom, as would her (misogynist) father and brother, because they both owe their lives to him. Wilfred, the head jailer and assistant tormentor would really like to marry Phoebe, so has a vested interest in despatching this brave soldier.

A band of players arrives to join in the festivities and one of them is asked to help Fairfax wreak revenge on his false accuser (a relative who has given false evidence on the charge of sorcery). This singer is Elsie, loved by Jack Point, a comedian, but who doesn’t want to declare his honourable intentions just yet.

Thus we embark on an intricate and highly (un)believable plot of love and intrigue, camaraderie and duty, disappointment and desire. Who will fall in love with whom? Who will end up with a broken heart? Who finds themselves a prospective husband – and is pleased at the prospect? Who is responsible for the graffiti on the Tower walls? Why do the Ravens insist on sticking their beaks into human proceedings?